A Great Place to Visit in Moscow: Aviapark Mall

Aviapark is one of the major tourist attractions in Moscow. The grand shopping mall is known for its expansive shopping centers and entertainment venues. The mall spreads over a wide area of 390,000 square meters and is divided into 6 floors. The entire shopping mall houses around 500 shopping outlets. The place gained recognition for being the second largest mall in entire Europe. It has a huge parking facility that can accommodate up to 5000 vehicles at a time. Listed below are some of the best attractions that can tempt you to visit this legendary mall.

  • Cylindrical Aquarium

Aviapark is well known for its aquarium which is built inside the shopping mall. The height of this cylindrical tank is around 73 feet, which is the tallest in the world. For this reason, the aquarium has made it to the Guinness World Records. The giant fish tank also exhibits some interesting shows wherein scuba divers enter the tank to feed the fishes.

  • Monster Hills

As the name suggests, Monster Hills is a scary world of monsters and strange creatures that welcome the visitors in their own thrilling ways. The place is decorated with beautiful plants and they serve weird food items. Group tourists and kids often find the tour of Monster Hills quite adventurous. It is located on the 4th floor.

  • Mega Ice

If you happen to visit Aviapark, you should never miss the eventful Mega Ice skating center. The place features spectacular ice skating shows, figure skating, hockey, and mass skating programs. The place also has a skating school that conducts training for beginners as well as experts.

  • Tango Dance Studio

The place is an absolute dance paradise for those who enjoy the art of dancing. The studio offers a great location for dancers to practice and sharpen their skills. There are 4 dance halls that are equipped with amenities like dressing rooms and showers. There are also expert dancers who can show you some amazing dance moves.

  • Playground Zabava

Zabava is a complete amusement center for children that house a rope park, sandbox, games, and an amazing toy library. Kids often spend their entire day at this fabulous place while the adults enjoy their shopping activities.