Bacolod – Home to the Sugar Industry and Diverse Cuisine

Image result for bacolod philippinesWhen I arrived at Bacolod in Philippines, it was a congested, modern city but there are certain historic landmarks and buildings as well as eateries to explore which make it unique. There are several places to go sightseeing as well from here.

City Definitions

Bacolod is known for the sugar industry that flourishes here; it also has a transport hub as well as food that are well known across the country. Though the city landscape might not appeal to many, there are certain historic landmarks that you can include in a sightseeing tour; there are nearby day trips to Silay, a historic district or Mt Kanlaon Natural Park that is worth taking up.

Historic Landmarks to See

I took a city tour here that comprised of several stops. These included the Negros forest that is also an ecological foundation. It is a zoo that preserves endangered animals, especially of the Negro community. There is also a Negros museum that showcases collections of toys of the plantation workers that are unique to see for sure.

Ruins of an Italian mansion, built in the early part of the 20th century is also worth seeing. It is surrounded by plantations of sugar that make it especially scenic. San Sebastian Cathedral is another place to stop by. I was impressed by the coral stone-based structure that was built in the 19th century.

Capitol Park and the lagoon is a gathering place in the city where it is scenic for picnics as well as for people to take strolls.

Eateries around Town

In the city, I discovered several eateries with unique cuisine to try. For instance, Tyrol is a favorite haunt of several expats here and Austrian food is on the menu here. Pala Pala is a restaurant known for seafood in the city and is a must-visit. Malaspina Inasalan is another where street food, mainly barbeque items are available. Manokan Country is an open-air restaurant where I enjoyed chicken inasal, oysters and cheap beer.