Antalya – The Highland City

Related imageThe city is named over the coastline it is based on. The city is surrounded by the western coasts of the gulf and looks absolutely adorable with the transparent blue waters. The city is rich in its cultural and historical heritage. The city has to be traveled on foot as the streets and the lanes here are cobbled up and very narrow, it is mostly that only one vehicle can get out in one time, so for me, it was better on foot or if you get too tired, grab a bike. There are many beautiful beaches in this city that you can go and relax or have fun with your family. The sea breezes of the city keep the atmosphere very mildly cool, providing with near perfect weather to roam around.

Old Harbor

The city is housed around a bunch of low down cliffs and waters which gives the city a very iconic and incredible look to be visited and enjoyed. The old harbor is the most famously visited place in Antalya, it is filled with shops regarding every need a human being would require, starting from quirky cafes and restaurants to the parlors and shopping destinations it holds everything in this one place and being so close to the coastline, it also serves as the trading port for Antalya. You will love the quality and flavors of the seafood that is offered here by the restaurant, all of them spicy and intense. The most famous dish you can find here is falafel crumbled fish with caviar hummus; the dish is very exotic and expensive but extremely worth it.

Hadrian’s Gate

Hadrian’s gate is one of the main tourists attracting offering Antalya could ever make. This is the entry to the high rise town of Antalya that is Kaleîcî. The walls on the gate have been preserved from the early centuries of the Romans and the Greeks. The walls are mostly grey and black colored and have engraved Islamic sayings in them. The ceiling of the gate is also carved with various names of the rulers that have defined the city to what it is today. The walkway from the gate is made of glass like a really small pull, it is exquisite.

Nandaime: This Hill Town Is Paradise

Nandaime comes under Nicaragua’s department of Granada. The place is not heavily populated and most of the population is comprised of young adults and teenagers. The name of the city literally translated to a place of abundant streams. The population is mostly Catholic and Easter, Christmas, etc are major events around the city. The most common and favorite game among the residents of this area is “baseball”.

We stayed at the Hotel real la Merced which cost us roughly INR 2500 per day. It is a beautiful historic inn. It is situated just near the Sor Romeo’s birthplace. It is just 5 minutes walk away from the church of Nuestra Senora Le Das.

We witnessed the residents of this place who mostly engage in folk dances which are rooted in the town. Some other forms of dances like a dance of bird, the owl, and the siren are also practiced during religious festivities. The people also enjoy the running of the bulls but in a different manner from the Spanish method. The most typical and famous Nandaime is the Baile of the Devils. The weather of the area remains quite sturdy throughout the year with an average rainfall of about 1200-1400 mm.

We also visited one of the most famous tourist places in Nandaime is the hill Las Banderas which is located extreme north of the city. Hiking is a very common activity on this hill. Another major tourist attraction is The Mombacho Volcano which is quite famous for various reasons like the access to infrastructure and the perfect location. The Mombacho Volcano has four craters which are covered with forest clouds. On the Mombacho Volcano, you can walk around or even hike around all of these craters. An abundance of trees, species, and plants can also be found here.