Melons For Your Summer Diet

Summer is the time to indulge in fruits and enjoy their natural sweetness. One of the summer fruit category is melons and thanks to the large variety, you are sure to find some or more always around the summer months. If you crave sweets and wish to cut down on calories, the best way of doing so is to stock up on melons of different varieties. Melons, such as honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon have high water level content.

How to have them?

Melons are easy to serve or to stock up in your refrigerator in airtight containers. There is melon balers that help you cut out desirable shapes or round balls from these fruits. You could add them along with other citrus fruits to create a delightful fruit salad for your summer breakfast. Add on leafy vegetables and other protein food items and they can convert to summer lunches as well. For kids who do not like to indulge in fruits much, there are ways of creating fruit skewers with different melons and other fruit pieces and provide them with tasty and healthy snacks.

Different kinds of melons

There are different kinds of melons and one can indulge in them as per the availability in their region:

  • Crenshaw is melons that have green and pink tinges on their skin and are waxy to touch.
  • Casaba is a common melon that is bright yellow in color and should not be too soft when you buy them.
  • Orange flesh honeydew is another melon that is evident from its name.
  • Watermelon comes in a dark color but some have other varying stripes on them. Nowadays seedless varieties are available as well as yellow ones that are also sweet to have.

Other melon varieties that are slightly uncommon are the Pepino that are plum like and have purple stripes with an orange skin that is smooth; Santa Claus that has yellow and mottled green skin and the Persian that has the looks of a cantaloupe.

When you are buying melons ensure that they are not soft from the outside; some undergo color changes that indicate that they are overripe.