Road Trip To Baja California Sur

I went on a road trip to Baja California with my friend a few weeks ago. We stayed at La Huerta, a modern and best standard hotel situated in the center of the town. The next morning we went with a company called Kuyma, one of the oldest companies operating there and charges around 200 USD for a max of 9 people. It also offers camping services, tents and cabanas on the lagoon.

Places to visit

We started in the northern half of Baja at San Felipe. We spent an afternoon hanging around at the beach on the Gulf of California. We then went to Taco factory that served great Mexican food and margaritas. Then we went to the Sea of Cortez to kayak. With calm water, it is easy to paddle around and take in the sights of the surrounding. It is recommended to stay at La Palapa RV Camp located on the beach that charges $17 USD per night or Las Palmas Hotel.


The next day we headed to the Puertecitos Hot Springs, situated at the edge of the ocean. It was fun. There is also a small bay to walk out. Then we stopped at the paved side road of Bahia Los Angeles, a small town located on the Sea of Cortez. It has a few small restaurants and even a museum. We stayed at Playa La Gringa located at on the beach and are free of cost. One may even stay at Villa Vitta Hotel Restaurant. We also went for whale watching in the San Ignacio Laguna. Then we headed to Mulege, which was like an oasis in the desert. We stayed at Hacienda De La Habana which charges around $20 USD a night. It is also recommended to stay at Clementines Mulege.