Squash And The Nutritional Benefits It Offers

Among the different summer food items available such as fresh vegetables, squash is one of the versatile vegetables that you could get for your kitchen.  This can be used to create different and delicious dishes and it also packs in a lot of nutritional and medicinal benefits.  Squash when it is well ripened can be used to add a sweet and mushy flavor to different dishes, similar to pumpkin.

If you have been using squash every year as a summer vegetable, but not really known its nutritional benefits, then you will be surprised to know that it has several medicinal benefits to offer. For instance:

  • It can help to improve vision.
  • It helps in skin care.
  • Strengthens our immunity system.
  • It can help prevent or manage diabetic symptoms.
  • Helps maintain heart health.
  • Helps in preventing cancer.

There are other benefits as well.  When you consume squash you would help bring down inflammatory conditions, remove users, benefit those with arthritis, improve prostate health and so forth.

Squash is a fruit, though it is usually used as a vegetable.  It belongs to the same category as zucchini pumpkins and others.  There are different varieties of squash available in different parts of the world.  You will find summer and winter varieties of squash in areas like North America.  In tropical countries summer squash varieties are common.  Squash is widely grown in North America where it is a common crop along with beans and corn.

So how should you eat it?  This vegetable can be used in different ways.   It is often eaten fresh when included in salads.  You can also add it as part of baked vegetables in any meat dish.  Many use it to flavor vegetable soups as well as consume it in patty form which is flattened and fried.  The seeds of squash are also known to have nutritional benefits.   These are often dried and flavored and sold as snacks.  Even the greens of squashes are eaten in salads.

With the above information you would be convinced that squash is a versatile and nutritious vegetable to be included in your summer meals.