The Indian Yogurt And Its Benefits

One of the beneficial food items that can help you keep your cool during the summer is to have curd or Indian yogurt.  Yoghurt is known for its health benefits the world over the Indian curd or dahi has certain unique features that are ideal for combating several conditions and keeping the health in Indian weather conditions.

Indian yoghurt or dahi is used in different dishes.  It is used in chaat dishes in sweet form such as aloo tikki, gol gappe and papdi chaat.  These are popular snack items which are yoghurt based.  In these dishes, spices are mixed along with sweetness to add a sweet and tangy taste.

Today, many benefits of yoghurt are discussed in nutrition circles.  It is known to be a primary source of probiotics which is our digestion.  As we consume prepared food and other kind of food items which have no probiotic content it is imperative that our Indian meals are accompanied with dahi which helps to balance out the nutritional requirements.

A friend of mine, Sarah, who lives in Schenectady, owns, and has traveled around the Middle East & to India.  She has sold herself and her family on the benefits of raita and makes it a point to visit Indian restaurants in the Capital Region whenever she and her family can.

Probiotic curd is known to be good for digestion and it is recommended to be had after mid day meals.  It helps to cool the system, especially in the hot summer days in India.  Probiotic curd can be had in different forms.  It is made into a thick shake which is known as lassi where sugar is added.  Chaach is a lighter form used for drinking which is made with rock salt.  As extreme heat dehydrates the body and removes essential salt, a sweet or salted lassi is a beneficial drink to help replenish these minerals in our body.  Here is how to make raita, aka, Indian yogurt.

It is said that Greek yogurt is more protein richer than the Indian yoga.  However, it is a good source of animal protein for those who cannot have meat and other kinds of non vegetarian items.  It is easy to digest and helps to cool the system.  For those who are watching the calorie intake having a glass of lassi would be a great way to feel full and help maintain nutritional balance during summer months.